A Curriculum That Reflects the Values of Esther’s School

Our school curriculum not only meets the state licensing requirements, it also offers a high degree of flexibility. With our all-inclusive approach to early childhood education, we provide age-specific curriculum components, which can also be individualized to meet the needs of students at varying stages of development. After all, we aim for the optimal development of every child.

All instructional staff at Esther’s School has one of the following:
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher
• Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience
• Specialized skills, knowledge or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12 grade subjects

A.C.E. Curriculum

As one of the premier Christian schools in North, West and Central Florida, we utilize the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) program together with the state’s K-12 basic education curriculum. With the A.C.E. program, we are able to teach students to understand life from a Christian’s point of view and help them develop wisdom and character in a Christian way.

A.C.E. Diagnostics

Our curriculum includes A.C.E.’s diagnostic testing that aims to see if the student has learning gaps. The results of these tests indicate the readiness of the students to pursue a higher-level curriculum. Similar to other schools, our students are tested for four academic areas: Math Levels 1 to 9, Reading Levels 1 to 8, Spelling Levels 2 to 9, and English Levels 1 to 8. These tests cover the basic skills a student needs to master before they can enter high school. What sets us apart is we provide an individual study plan to fill the learning gaps that we see along the way.

Our approach to curriculum and testing is similar to a doctor’s prescription. We diagnose what each student needs academically and developmentally before we prescribe a learning plan for them. This individualized learning structure allows Esther’s School to offer an inclusive classroom environment that benefits students at all levels.

All new students are evaluated through diagnostic testing to help us determine where we should begin with individualizing a program to best suit the needs of that student.  The academic progress of each individualis thenmonitored on an ongoing basis to ensure we are best meeting the students’ changing needs. Esther’s School’s mission is the optimal development of your child, both academically and as a Christian member of the community.  Our goal is to produce graduates who will make the world a better place.