About Us

Thanks to our strong educational curriculum, outstanding staff and commitment to early childhood learning and development, Esther’s School stands out from other private schools. We offer a specialized program for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade and between the ages of five and twenty-two.
We strive to provide each individual child with an environment that encourages self-discovery and a commitment to learning. Children are encouraged to learn how to solve problems, release their creativity and build social skills.
Our curriculum lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning and is based on the following Five Basic Laws of Learning:

  • A child must be at a level where he or she can perform.
  • He or she must have reasonable goals.
  • Learning must be controlled, and students must be motivated.
  • Learning must be measurable.
  • Learning must be rewarded.

We adhere to the highest standards of education and child development. What’s more, our staff is dedicated to applying these principles and putting them to work for each and every child.

Ultimately, we have but one goal: the optimal development of your child

Our work is about one thing above all else – the individual development of your child.  Esther’s School carefully screens and interviews all teachers to ensure that they meet our high educational standards.
Our educators regularly participate in advanced training sessions and continuing education classes to ensure that they are always up-to-date with fresh ideas and sound teaching principles.
We are proud of our staff members and all that they do. Please take the time to check the link to our campuses.