“Hi Sue. Have you heard about this new, private school that just opened in Palm Harbor?

“I understand they are very different and their graduates have been admitted to top universities all over the world such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Heidelberg, the University of Peking, and over fifty colleges and universities in Florida including all the big ones?”

“No, but that sounds quite interesting,” answered Sue. “I have been thinking lately that maybe my son and daughter would learn better in a different school environment than where they are. There are so many distractions at most schools, lessons are standardized, and it is really hard for a student to get individual attention unless they are a discipline problem. Please tell me more.”

“Well, I heard about this from a friend and went over to check it out. I could hardly believe the student to teacher ratio is 4 to 1, each student has their own daily study plan and responsibility to complete it, the classroom is very orderly and quiet, and they focus on the subjects that count most: English, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative Writing, and Literature … plus many electives.”

“I never heard about a school like that before. What curriculum do they use?”

“They use the ACE Curriculum that has been tried and proven since 1970. Millions of students have used it, both in classrooms and on-line. About 95% of the classroom time is spent in the student working on lessons, not in administration and keeping order as in many schools. It not only teaches the subjects, it helps the student grow in personal responsibility and character. That’s quite different from most other schools.”

“Are they expensive,” asked Sue.

“No, the school is very reasonably priced. And some scholarships are available.”

“How about their students?” continued Sue.

“They work with students at all levels of academic achievement and learning capabilities. This ranges from extremely bright students who want to really ‘learn to the limit’ to those with special needs. Their curriculum and individualized teaching approaches have proven very effective with bath.

“And there is one other distinction that I really like. The school is faith-based, and includes Bible in their curriculum. With the many problems we often see in our schools and world, I like an approach that teaches morality, responsibility, and bigger lessons than ‘2 + 2 = 4’. Students from all backgrounds are welcome, and everyone knows that the foundation of the education is Biblical. In fact, ACE stands for Accelerated Christian Education.”

“I think that I will check it out too,” said Sue after thinking a few moments.

“Just call _______________, or drop by the East Lake Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at the corner of the intersection of East Lake Road and Ridgemoor to the east, and Village to the west. The use a wing of the church for classrooms.”

“I know where that is,” responded Sue. “It is next to the Suncoast YMCA and just across the street from Lansbrook Golf Course, on the opposite corner from the Publix Shopping Center on East Lake Road.

“Hey, what’s the name of this new school?” asked Sue.

“It’s is called Esther’s School, after its founder. You may know that the name Esther means ‘star. From everything I have seen, Esther’s School is a real star in education that can help a lot of students do their very best without the politically correct problems we see in so many of our elementary, junior high, and high schools today. They have seven schools in the Tampa Bay area, and over ____ in  Florida.

“Check it out and see what you think. You might find it is the best option for your son and daughter’s education through high school. Like I said, it is a real ‘star’ “


Students start at their exact academic level in each subject from _____ – 12. ACE* Curriculum used in 6,000+ schools worldwide by 100,000+ students. Student to teach ratio: 4:1.

Individualized attention for each student in quiet, orderly classrooms.

Key Subjects: English, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative Writing, and Literature. Many electives. Scholarships available.

Wide range of student academic levels and learning abilities. Students set learning goals and achieve daily with personal responsibility. Emphasis on personal growth, responsibility, and character building.

Located in a wing of the East Lake Lutheran Church of the Resurrection next to the Suncoast YMCA and across the street from Lansbrook Golf Course.

Graduates have been accepted to leading universities worldwide including Harvard, Stanford, U Penn, U Chicago, Duke, Vanderbilt, Cambridge, Oxford, Heidelberg, New South Wales, U of Peking, McGill, U of Madrid, and over 50 in Florida including UF, U of Miami, FSU, USF, and UC. For more information, call _______________________________________________________

*ACE was founded in 1970 and is a time-tested curriculum based on the Bible and applied to excellent scholarship for all of its students. Esther’s School Palm Harbor is an ACE school.